Security/ Door Entry

Intruder alarms installed professionally will act as a big deterrent to any intruder. With the knowledge that an alarm will sound and/or a police response will be summoned if they attempt to or gain access to a property will more often that not make them look elsewhere. Why risk getting caught when there are easier pickings on offer, like properties without alarms.

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Door Entry Systems

Door Entry Systemscan control entry of persons into a building or area and offer a convenient way of controlling a door lock release from a remote location e.g. persons in a first floor office can open/unlock a ground floor entry door without physically going to the door. This not only offers security for the building but also personal safety of the reception staff. Datalec can provide cost effective entry systems which are just 'Audible' or include one way 'Video'which provides an added security feature in being able to visually identify a person or persons outside the entry door.

Closed Circuit Television

Closed Circuit Television or CCTV as it's more commonly referred to is an ever expanding form of crime prevention and detection.We have installations ranging from a single camera covering the entrance to a busy shop to a multi camera system covering a 5 acre site. Modern CCTV cameras come in various guises, some are small enough to be hidden away from view or incorporated into other technologies such as smoke detector or alarm movement detectors.If you have a requirement for a covert system, installations can be carried out outside normal working hours if a certain level of discretion is required.

Access Control

Access Control is having control over who has access into private or public buildings. This has proven to help to reduce the threat of terrorism. Datalec can provide an Access Control solution for any business or establishment, from a single door in a stand alone package to several doors all linked and controlled by a central PC which can also log movement of people throughout a building.This can be useful in locating an individual within a large building or restricting access into certain areas while permitting access to others. Several buildings can be linked to the same central control giving an even wider spectrum of security and movement of personnel.