Audio Visual

Another very important tool in for your company in moving forward is the presentation of media and Datalec is with you every step of the way tailoring our services around your requirements.

Datalec has worked on many projects in retail centres, office refurbishments and new homes helping to bring together the newest technologies with the most efficient installation techniques that best serve the end user.

Audio Systems

A sound system should be discreet yet functional. We make the sound system aesthetically pleasing so that it can function as it should without being a visual distraction. For the installation of audio systems we use both wall mounted and inset ceiling speakers depending on the requirements of the space. We can then install from one room to multi room, multi zone across mutliple floors.

Video Systems

Plasma display monitors and LCD displays are only a few inches in depth, providing installation options never before possible. In addition to table stand mounting, they can be wall mounted or fixed from a ceiling, allowing you to enjoy big-screen impact from a component that does not dominate floor space due to which they are ideal for use in a wide variety of business and commercial applications from boardrooms to conference centres or reception areas.

Multimedia Servers

Multiroom media servers allow you to access all your movies, music and photos from a single location. The availability of terabyte hard drives allows hundreds of movies, thousands of albums and countless digital photos to be stored on one device. This massive library can then be accessed in multiple rooms via video displays and wireless remotes.